Do you wish to confidently facilitate sound baths?

Do you want to add crystal singing bowls to deepen your wellness practice?

Sign up for a mentorship with Zooey Seraphine, M.A., Master Sound Therapy Practitioner, & Professional Musician. Zooey will guide you through the musical foundations, sound therapy principles, the practice of singing bowl performance (&/or other sound healing instruments), and language of facilitating sound therapy. With these one-on-one classes, which is the best way to receive sound therapy & musical instruction, you will learn to also apply this to your personal or wellness practice so that you can more effectively reach your mind body wellness goals.  

Do you wish to receive a consultation on how to record your own crystal singing bowl sound baths?

Message us to receive a quote for a consultation on how to properly record your sound bath meditations, including what recording equipment & software is appropriate for you, as well as options for growth.