Feel-good music that soothes the spirit. ”
Musical soundscapes to awaken your dreams.”


Electric Violin Experience  

 Zooey Seraphine provides the perfect music option for a variety of atmospheres, bridging the gap between old-time feels and world grooves, or seamlessly flowing through a colorful palette of Latin, blues, Americana, reggae, and other inspirations.  ZEN Seraphine performs deeply memorable shows with her dynamic improvisations and her fiery violin solos, and can be adaptable to a low-key dinner crowd or high-energy stages. 

Electric Violin - Duo or Trio:  

With a live duo or trio, Zooey Seraphine creates an uplifting atmosphere, that leaves audiences with a "feel good" vibe. Perfect for cocktail hour, lounges, and dinner entertainment, she collaborates with other exceptional musicians, including guitarists, bassists, and percussionists, to charm audiences with her emotive performances.

Zooey Seraphine also performs special electronica sets in collaboration with DJ's and percussionists, in which she showcases her virtuosity on her 5-string wireless electric violin. 

Electric Violin - With Band 

Her full band, the ZEN Seraphine Collective, creates an ethereal vibe with soulful guitar, atmospheric percussion, drums, and bass. Integrating positive messages of unity, love, and peace, they set a variety of moods, from high energy dance music to sound meditation experiences. 

Electric Violin - Solo: 

Her solo electronica act is a beautiful option for cocktail receptions, hotel lounges, fashion shows, and dinner entertainment. Zooey Seraphine plays up to 3 sets of original world dance & downtempo hip hop on electric violin along to her original loops.  

Her original electronica music has been compared to artists such as Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba, & Govinda, with a transcendental electric violin twist.  


ZEN Seraphine (Solo) Bio:

Dream Yourself Awake... Wake the Wild Within...

As a solo original music act, ZEN Seraphine builds mystical layered soundscapes using an array of chimes, auxiliary percussion and sound effects, guitar, vocals, and violin. Her live-looped originals are entrancing and evocative, with heavy influences from an array of world music styles and folk traditions.  Her lyrics and mantras are intended to inspire feelings of togetherness in the face of authentic emotion. Through her emotive improvisations, she invites a space of unconditional love, acceptance, flow, and forgiveness. After taking a several-month hiatus from her music to explore new instruments, progress her compositions, and rebuild her brand, ZEN Seraphine is now returning to original music venues near you... 

As a solo artist and with her collective, Zooey Seraphine continuously seeks new ways by which to express the depths of existence and create space for emotional healing through the power of rhythm & melody. Zooey Seraphine believes that music is a most powerful form of channeling energy, helping us to transform ourselves, to heal our spirits, to inspire creativity, to let go of what no longer serves us, to love more deeply...  


ZEN Seraphine's debut Single, Cumbia De La Flor, can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, & Amazon




Booking Inquiries

For all booking inquiries, please contact:

ZEN Seraphine Booking & Management: 
Email: zenseraphine.booking@gmail.com
Phone: (941) 724-6304