The Sound Of OM Meditation Channel

The Sound of OM Meditation channel has finally launched with 4 beautiful OM Sound Journeys performed by my ensemble, "Resonance." 

We've been working hard on bringing to you monthly Sound Journeys at The OM Shoppe with over 50 sound healing instruments (including my violin), NOW AVAILABLE in digital format! 

We've invested countless hours, energy, & equipment into composing, recording, and mixing these beautiful, hypnotic 1-hour long sound journey meditations, designed for you to sit back, unplug, and take a deep trip within. (Seriously, it can get pretty psychedelic.) 

What Do You Do to Listen?

1. Click here to purchase!

2. Put on your favorite, comfy headphones! 

3. Float away with the sounds!


Resonance OM Sound Journey ensemble


Resonance was started as a sound healing collective at the OM Shoppe. It's core members are: 

Zooey Seraphine: Composer/Producer; Violin, Crystal Singing Bowls, Auxiliary Percussion

Pedro Arevalo: Composer, Bass, Resonator Guitar, Auxiliary Percussion

Beth A. Snyder, CCHt: Hypnotherapy Guide, Auxiliary Percussion/ Ambient Instruments

Nancy Parlor: Crystal Singing Bowls, Auxiliary Percussion/ Ambient Instruments

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Meditations

New Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations are up on my New Sound Alchemy With Zen Seraphine YouTube channel!

Stay tuned for a new album coming soon!