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New Sound Meditations for You for Free! 

Hi everyone! 


It's been a while since I've updated my site, but I am so excited to let you all know that I have 2 new series of videos coming up!

First of all, I'll be uploading 1-minute sound meditations on instagram 5 days a week! Check out my Instagram channel or ZEN Seraphine Facebook page every Monday through Friday at noon to watch! Here is the first in our series:


My love, Pedro Arevalo, and I will be uploading 10-minute sound meditations on YouTube 5 days a week, as well! 

Here is the one we uploaded today: 

You can find them all here under our Music page or Check out the ZEN Seraphine YouTube Channel and subscribe. 

Everything's been pretty hectic as we try to shift gears into an online world, due to all the necessary social distancing measures. But we are working on flow and finding a balance. I am thankful every day for my partner, who reminds me of what is most important: love. 
This music is my journey in search on unity and calm, may it help you on yours. 

See you on Monday with fresh meditations!

Love, Peace, and Harmony, 

Zooey Seraphine