Zooey Seraphine is a vibrant violinist and songwriter. Her music and performances draw from a colorful palette of styles, to enchant audiences with her expressiveness and charismatic improvisations...

Zooey Seraphine performs as a solo artist, and as a live duo, trio, or full band (in collaboration with other featured artists). Her music explores a variety of styles, including Latin, blues, jazz, Americana, funk, reggae, world, and electronica.

She charms audiences with the warmth and passion behind her acoustic violin performances. In collaboration with DJ's, Zooey Seraphine also performs dazzling virtuoso sets with her wireless electric violin and colorful attire.

Her new world electronica single "Cumbia de la Flor" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Google Play! 

NEW Single: June 21, 2018

Music was made for healing, for progress, for hope, and for celebration... so it is on our shoulders, as musicians, to heal, to progress, to instill hope, and to celebrate music every day... ”

— ZEN Seraphine

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