Formed in 2018, Pedro & Zooey is a project that blossomed from the musical expressions of multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Pedro Arevalo (who explores all manners of stringed instruments, including  dobro, guitar, slide, and bass), and Zooey Seraphine on violin, vocals, & other inspirations. As a charming duo and with the addition of other exceptional musicians for a full-band experience, they perform a variety of sounds and moods, from Latin to delta blues, Americana, reggae, and other feels from around the world, to take audiences on exploratory musical journeys for private and public venues & events. 

As explorers of musical traditions from all over the globe and its use in transcendental states and meditation, they also compose and channel music for sound journey experiences that they bring to the OM Shoppe & Spa, yoga studios, art gallery openings, and other meditative, mystical, or artistic events. 


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