Artist Bio

ZEN Seraphine Solo Show (Photo Credit: John Jones)

As a versatile violinst, Zooey Seraphine has performed and recorded with various artists throughout Southeast Florida, on her path towards pushing the boundaries of the violin into all manners of world-influenced styles.

Zooey Seraphine was classically trained in piano performance and chamber music, but also experimented with jazz and traditional Latin music, as well as other world music, influenced by family traditions, professors, and a consistently curious ear. She dabbled with other styles, from folk to R&B to nuevo flamenco to electronica and funk in search of her own voice.

Zooey Seraphine still performs as an independent violinist with acts throughout Florida and the Southeast, but her original music project, ZEN Seraphine, was born out of the journey of her own inner healing. Zooey Seraphine also immerses herself in sound healing traditions, as a leading sound healing practitioner, founder of the Integrative Sound Journey, and sound therapy instructor. 

Since 2018, Zooey Seraphine also performs with Pedro Arevalo (of the Dickey Betts Band) in their duo Pedro y Zooey. Follow her YouTube Channel, ZEN Seraphine, to see more of her musical explorations. And to discover more about her sound therapy services, please visit her Sound Alchemy with ZEN Seraphine website

As long as space endures, as long as sentient beings remain, may we, too, abide to dispel the miseries of the world. ”

— Shantideva